Group News

  • December 2021

       Our lab received support from the McGill NSERC General Research Grant (GRF)! Congratulations and thanks for the kind support.

  • December 2021

       Linxuan joined our lab. Welcome!

  • November 2021

       Our collaborative work on reviewing stimuli-responsive microneedle patch for biomedical applications has been accepted for

       publication in Matter !

  • October 2021

       Xiaona joined our lab. Welcome!

  • September 2021

       Our recent collaborative work on cold atmospheric plasma (CAP) for postsurgical cancer treatment is published in Science Advances

       (online image featured)! Read more!

  • August 2021

      Bingzheng joined our lab. Welcome!

  • August 2021

      Tianxu joined our lab. Welcome!

  • July 2021

       Dr. Chen gave a presentation on cold atmospheric plasma for cancer immunotherapy at the TRIC21 (Therapeutic ROS and Immunity

       in Cancer) international conference meeting.

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  • July 2021

       Dr. Chen joined the McGill Institute of Advanced Materials (MIAM).

  • July 2021

       Hanwen and Mysha joined our lab. Welcome!

  • June 2021

       Dr. Chen has been invited to serve as an Editorial Board member for Biomaterials (IF=12.5)!

  • June 2021

       Our patent on the non-viral delivery system for ribonucleoprotein (CRISPR/Cas) has been granted! Congratulations to the team!

  • June 2021

      Dr. Chen gave a presentation in the Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics, McGill University. Thanks Dr. Gerhard Multhaup            and Dr. Jean-François Trempe for the invitation!

  • May 2021

       Our lab receives 5-year support from NSERC Discovery Grant and NSERC Discovery Launch Supplement for Early Career   


  • April 2021

       Helen joined our lab! Welcome!

  • April 2021

       Congratulations to Jesse on receiving the Canderel Rising Star Summer Internship Award from the GCI!!

  • March 2021

       Our collaborative work on reviewing stimuli-responsive microneedle-array patch systems has been accepted by Materials Today!         Congratulations to the team!

  • March 2021

       Dr. Chen joined the McGill Regenerative Medicine Network (MRM Network)!  Thanks Dr. Michel Tremblay for the invitation!

  • February 2021

       Jesse joined our Lab! Welcome!

  • December 2020

       There are multiple OPENING positions in our laboratory. Click here for more information!

  • December 2020

       The Chen Lab will officially open in the Department of Biomedical Engineering and the Rosalind & Morris Goodman Cancer Institute

       (GCI) at McGill University.

  • January 2022

       Dr. Chen was invited to give a seminar at the Cystic Fibrosis Centre @ The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids).